Tattoo removal with cream

Jan 5, 2021

Tattoo removal with cream

Do you have a tattoo you are not satisfied with? Then of course you are looking for a good way to remove your tattoo. You might be looking for a good cream that makes your tattoo disappear. But does a tattoo removal cream really work? In this article we explain everything about it.

Removing a tattoo can be done in various ways. Removing your tattoo with cream is one of the options. You also have the choice of having it lasered or surgically removed. But does a cream really work to remove your tattoo completely? Read on to find out.

Types of tattoo removal creams

Creams are ideal if you want your tattoo to be invisible temporarily, for example if you have a special occasion. There are different creams for removing your tattoos.
First of all you have creams that only camouflage your tattoo and don't really remove it. You can compare this with foundation, it is a skin-coloured cream that you apply on your tattoo. This way you can't see if you have a tattoo, but you have to reapply it every day. There are also creams that make your tattoos fade. You have to apply these every day as well to see a difference in the long run.

Do creams work against tattoo removal?

Currently, there is no cream on the market that makes your tattoo disappear completely. There are creams that make your tattoo less noticeable, but if you have a tattoo from your ex, you would prefer it to be removed completely. Unfortunately, creams are not the most effective way to get rid of your tattoos. At best, creams will make your tattoo fade, only it will leave a discoloured version of the tattoo. This can become a permanent scar. In addition, the creams contain chemicals, which you should not use without the supervision of an expert. It is possible that you will experience side effects from the creams, such as a burning sensation and redness.

Tattoo removal with laser

So you really want to get rid of that tattoo. No more hiding your tattoo, but really never seeing the tattoo again. What really helps? Laser! At New Skin Laserclinic, we use an advanced laser device; the StarWalker MAQX. Unlike old lasers, the StarWalker can be used on any skin type and you will not get scars. Because the StarWalker uses an acoustic reaction in the skin. This means that hardly any more heat is generated in the skin surface, so there is no chance of skin injury. If you want to learn more about the StarWalker, click here. New Skin Laserclinic also has a solution for pain. We use the Zimmer Cool, which numbs the skin with cooled air. This makes a treatment 75% less sensitive. Finally, you pay per laser treatment and since you have to come back every eight weeks, laser treatment remains accessible to every wallet. So say goodbye to your tattoo.

Tattoo removal? Have it lasered at New Skin Laserclinic!

The removal of a tattoo in an effective way is therefore possible. The team of New Skin Laserclinic consists of experienced skin therapists and certified laser specialists. We ensure that your skin gets the proper attention. Drop by and discuss your wishes with us. Plan your intake quickly.

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